Correction extended

It was extremely painful & frustrating to endure an entire week with my chastity chains tightened so viciously. Even partial erections were out of the question as the chastity chains promptly rewarded any such attempts with a painful bite. As the end of my week’s correction approached I truly looked forward to returning to my regular, looser chastity chains. I knew I would be greatly relieved, but it occurred to me that Ms Lee might be disappointed. She seemed to be greatly enjoying my suffering and frustration. I suspected that it pleased her very much to know that my penis was constantly suffering for her pleasure. As I thought about this a bit more I realized that I should only be concerned about the opportunity to please her, my own discomfort and frustration were irrelevant. Here is the message I sent to her as the end of my correction approached:

I hope that you are doing well and enjoying your new job. I also hope that you have a lovely day.

As of today I have been enduring the intense pain of my shortened chastity chains for an entire week. At times the pain has been excruciating and as I recently reported I no longer can pee while standing up like a man. Instead I must sit on a toilet. I am now back on my knees thanking you for taking the time to correct me for coming without permission. I certainly believe I have learned my lesson well and I will be very careful to avoid accidental, but unauthorized releases in the future.

I also believe (hope) that my situation and correction have pleased you. Although I desperately desire to return to my longer chains I am more desperate to provide you with further pleasure, or at least some additional amusement. I am still on my knees as I beg you to consider allowing me to extend the length of my correction by a period of your choosing. Please let me know if it would please you for me to do this and if so, for how long.

I could picture the smile on Ms Lee’s face as she responded by asking me if I ever thought I would actually beg her to continue the torture my penis was enduring. Then in her typical fashion of inflicting a major impact on my existence on a momentary whim she briefly mentioned that another week would do just fine.

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