The eradication of erections

It has been a week since I was informed by Ms Lee that she expected me to resume wearing the viciously tight fifth chastity chain on my sleeve. I am beginning to think that the one week reprieve she granted me was a rare exception, a kindness granted on her whim, and not something I should expect again in the near future. I think I had better get used to enduring the daily struggle of enduring the nasty bite of that chain every time my frustrated penis makes even the slightest attempt to enjoy an erection.

I am now beginning my eighth week of severe chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee and my penis is incredibly desperate for release. Whenever I have been in extended chastity in the past, my penis has frequently strained against my chastity sleeve, bulging out between the chains. This would make me extremely desperate for sexual stimulation and tempt me very badly to touch myself in violation of Ms Lee’s no touching rule.

Things are very different now that the fifth chain is enforcing Ms Lee’s expectations. Whenever my penis makes a futile effort to become erect the nasty fifth chains digs in deeply, preventing even the slightest attempt at getting hard. If my unruly penis continues to strain against the sleeve the fifth chain digs in even deeper, inflicting a very nasty bite and reminding me that Ms Lee expects me to remain in obedient chastity. Before long my penis learns its lesson and gives up the attempt to enjoy an erection. My penis’s continuous, rampant straining against the sleeve has become is a thing of the past.

In a perverse way I used to enjoy the feeling of my penis straining against the sleeve, at least experiencing a partial erection. While enjoyable, I would be incredibly frustrated and distracted by my pigmale desire for a release. Now the fifth chain has eliminated the possibility of enjoying even a partial erection and my frustration continues unabated.  I realize one reason why it probably pleases Ms Lee to have me properly restrained by the fifth chain is that I am no longer distracted by my penis straining against the sleeve. Instead I feel it feebly throbbing in humble submission to her and I focus on thoughts of devotion to her pleasure. While I no longer experience any pleasure from partial erections I am hopeful that the suffering inflicted by my fifth chain somehow pleases Ms Lee, demonstrating my faithful obedience.

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