Four weeks in severe chastity

I have now been in chastity for four weeks and I continue to endure the viciously tight fifth chain that I added to my sleeve. I am becoming accustomed to it, but my penis is still raw and tender by the end of each long, frustrating day. At times the pain is almost unbearable, but the thought that my obedience might be pleasing Ms Lee enables me to get thru the days. Perversely, it excites me to realize that my suffering might also be pleasing to her. I am beginning to worry that Ms Lee might consider the fifth chain a permanent modification.

About a week ago I sent Ms Lee another photo displaying the effects of the fifth chain. Here is the message I sent with the photo:

I hope the photo I sent yesterday pleased you, displaying my determination to endure any amount of frustration or pain in submission to your expectations. As I near three weeks in chastity my desperation is mounting, but I have faithfully obeyed your no touching rule. The severe chastity inflicted by my fifth chain combined with the lesson I learned from your recent correction has enabled me to stay focused on your pleasure and satisfaction.

Attached is another photo I hope you might appreciate, displaying the effect of my exceedingly tight fifth chastity chain. The photo shows my firmly chastised penis as it attempts a futile effort to become erect. You can clearly see the four original chastity chains, but the new fifth one just behind the head of my penis is so tight that it is buried in the fabric of my sleeve.

Wishing you a lovely day.

In my 19th day of chastity for your pleasure,
Wearing my purple panties with pink waistband

3 Responses to “Four weeks in severe chastity”

  1. jerry Says:

    How can you be in your 4th week of severe chastity whilst your concluding comment is that you are in your 19th day of chastity?

    Miss Lee would never allow someone to say such things w/o calling him out to explain the contradiction…at the least! She’d probably drop you as her chastity slave and you’d have hell to pay trying to serve her again!!

  2. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    jerry – Thank you for your comment and for pointing out that Ms Lee would never tolerate incompetent service. The recent correction for touching myself that Ms Lee provided me with demonstrates the sort of ‘hell’ that is to be paid when Ms Lee is crossed.

    I am very grateful that Ms Lee allows me to continue as her chastity slave and fortunately in this case I do not think there is a contradiction in my statements. At the end of the message I did state that I was in my 19th day of chastity. However, as I mentioned in the second paragraph of my posting I sent that message about a week ago, which added to the 19 days brings us to the four weeks of total chastity that I reported in the beginning.

    Thank you again for posting your comment and please let me know if you still think I am in error. I would also be interested in any other thoughts you may have on how I can be a better chastity slave for Ms Lee.

  3. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    jerry – I am compelled to make another response to your comment because you have committed the grave error of referring to my owner as MISS Lee when the only proper way to address her is Ms Lee. This infraction is far worse than the one you thought I had committed. I suggest that you promptly send an apology response and you had better be on your knees while typing it!

    Please do not bother sending me any further advice concerning Ms Lee as I don’t think I can accept it from someone who doesn’t know the proper way to address her.

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