A dry year

As the year draws to a close I looked back over my blog postings and realized that 2011 has been a year of very few releases for me. It seems that this year Ms Lee has grown much more fond of seeing me in extremely extended chastity for her pleasure. There were a few instances when she allowed me to release more frequently, but there have also been multiple times when she kept me in chastity for over two months, something I never experienced before this year.

In case you are interested, below is a list of my releases this year, including notes as to whether I enjoyed a pleasurable release, a ruined orgasm or just a milking. This year is also the first time I experienced ruined orgasms and milkings. Ms Lee seems to be growing more fond of these types of releases for me, with pleasurable releases becoming quite rare indeed.

I don’t have a record of my releases prior to April 1 of this year, but the list below certainly provides a good idea of Ms Lee’s penchant for extended chastity.

April 1 – Pleasurable release

May 12 – Pleasurable release

July 13 – My first ruined orgasm

July 28 – Another ruined orgasm

August 7 – Pleasurable release

September 1 – Another ruined orgasm

October 8 – My last pleasurable release of 2011

December 18 – My first milking

I calculated that the average time between my releases this year has been a little over a month (34 days). In case you think this is overly generous, you may also want to consider that it has been 81 days since my last pleasurable release.

One Response to “A dry year”

  1. shant Says:

    pretty slim pickin’s…if she doesn’t allow more frequent releases looks like 2012 is gonna be dry run too.

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