An early Christmas gift

While I was marking my penis for Ms Lee she graciously agreed to allow me to purchase an anal dildo for myself as a Christmas gift from her. She was even kind enough to inform me that I did not have to wait for Christmas before trying out my new toy.

I eagerly visited my local adult store to shop for my Christmas gift from Ms Lee. After looking over the available anal dildos I selected a nice red vibrating model that looked like it could help me deal with my ‘problem’. I have attempted to milk myself with a regular anal plug, but I have been unable to succeed. Due to Ms Lee’s no touching rule it is quite difficult to reach a level of sexual excitement necessary to achieve a release. Using the anal plug  just gets me extremely frustrated as I near the edge of a release, but am unable to reach it.

I waited until after my Worship session the next morning before I tried out my gift from Ms Lee. I wanted to use my Worship session as an opportunity to properly thank Ms Lee for her gift before I opened it up. This was also a nice ‘warm up’ since my Worship session involves putting a 2 inch wide anal plug up my rear.

Once my Worship session was complete I removed my plug and inserted my new anal dildo. The anal dildo is custom designed to rub up against my prostate and has a variable vibration feature. Here is a photo of my Christmas gift from Ms Lee:

The two inch anal plug I used during Worship opened me up quite nicely so that the anal dildo slid in with no trouble. I located my prostate and pressed the tip of the anal dildo against it and then turned on the vibration. The sensation was incredible as I felt my prostate react to the stimulation. I started grinding and pressing against the dildo, trying to increase my excitement.

I soon found that this sort of sexual stimulation was quite different from normal male masturbation of the penis. Instead of rapidly reaching a peak of excitement I had to work at it, gradually building up my level of sexual excitement.

I also had difficulty finding the right position to achieve maximum excitement. I first positioned myself on my knees, but it didn’t feel like I was getting in deep enough. I tried lying on my side and found that I could more easily reach my prostate and began gyrating like mad. But even this was not enough and my frustration grew. I wanted more! Finally I laid on my back and spread my legs, arching my back upwards. This seemed like the best position to allow maximum penatration and my gyrations increased.

As I bucked and ground against the anal dildo I realized that I was positioned just like a woman that was being penetrated by a man. I was also responding in the same manner, thrusting up and back in an attempt to increase my excitement.

I also realized that the sexual excitement I was experiencing was quite unlike that a man normally feels. I did not enjoy a strong erection and a rapid build up to the point of explosive release. Instead I experienced a maddeningly frustrating, slow build up, which caused me to thrust and gyrate ever faster. But no matter how hard I tried, there was to be no joyful, explosive release for me.

Eventually I also realized that my penis was leaking what seemed like pre cum. I was surprised at first because I expected to feel something when my penis released fluid, but there was almost no sensation at all. The fluid just slowly leaked out, with no pleasure or satisfaction achieved at all.

Finally I collapsed in exhaustion, unable to grind or gyrate any more. I looked at my belly and saw a small pool of nearly clear fluid, nothing like the thick blobs of semen that I would produce from a normal masturbation. I also did not feel anything like the normal satisfaction that masturbation provides. Instead I felt frustrated and deprived.

I also soon found that while the pressure that my extended chastity had produced was now eliminated, my frustration and desperation was unabated. If anything I was even more frustrated and desperate than ever.

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