A Chat with one of Ms Lee’s Boys

Recently I was fortunate to begin a chat with Ms Lee while one of her boys was with her. She was kind enough to allow me to chat with him, which gave me the opportunity to learn more about what pleases Ms Lee.

One of the first things he asked me was if I was into pain. He told me that he had met Ms Lee when she was trying out a flogger that he had made. She tried it out on him and it turned out that she was better than anyone that had ever used a flogger on him. Her boy continually stressed that Ms Lee was a loving, caring person, but that with a strong whip in her hand she can give him the stings of pleasure, so that he may give her the pleasure of his pain.

Her boy told me that Ms Lee is a very sexual person and that when a boy is allowed to please her he is compelled to give all he has. He pleases her orally at least once a day, sometimes more. He told me that she also loves foot massages and that he gets to kiss her beautiful feet.

Her boy also told me that Ms Lee has a beautiful round ass that he enjoys rubbing and massaging. And of course he also enjoys performing his chores for Ms Lee.

I really enjoyed chatting with Ms Lee’s boy and I learned a lot from him. Most importantly he reinforced my understanding the Ms Lee is the perfect combination of dominance and caring.

One Response to “A Chat with one of Ms Lee’s Boys”

  1. mule Says:

    lucky devil…isn’t it true…long-term chastity enhances the desire to rim with affection and vigor?

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