Giving Thanks

Recently I have been contemplating the fact that once again I am experiencing an extremely long chastity period for the pleasure of Ms Lee. She sometimes surprises me by allowing a release after a short time in chastity, but it is obvious that she much prefers to see me in extended chastity (over a month).

I am now in my 44th day of chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee, the second longest period of chastity I have ever experienced. My longest stretch was two months, which ended in a ruined orgasm. I have no idea how much longer it will please Ms Lee to keep me in chastity this time and my frustration increases every time I wonder whether my current chastity period will end with another ruined orgasm.

I just received a message from Ms Lee that she will be very busy the next few days due to the holiday. Of course this means that my current chastity period will be extended as she enjoys her Thanksgiving. Perversely, I could feel my deprived penis straining against my chastity sleeve in frustration as I contemplated continuing my chastity in faithful devotion to Ms Lee.

As I performed my daily Worship session this morning these thoughts took my frustration to new heights. I prepared myself as always, restraining my penis with my cock ring and inserting my huge Worship plug in my greedy rear. Extended chastity combined with Ms Lee’s no touching rule has instilled an intense anal fetish in me since the closest I normally come to experiencing sexual pleasure is when I am plugged and Worshiping Ms Lee.

This morning my desperation and excitement combined to make me delirious as I ground the plug into my rear. That plug is so huge that it presses firmly against my prostate, which in turn causes my penis to strain against my ring. As my Worship session continued I was gyrating like mad, working to increase the sexual stimulation the plug provided.

I could feel my sexual pleasure slowly increase as I continued to grind my prostrate with my plug. I almost reached the point where I thought I might be at risk of an unauthorized release. However, I didn’t quite reach that point and continued my frustrated grinding until my Worship session was completed.

As I panted in exhaustion, I reflected that I am extremely fortunate to be owned by Ms Lee. I love being her boy and ended my Worship session by giving thanks to her for continuing to keep me on.

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