Another pair of new panties

A little while after I was ‘unplugged’ I returned to NYC on business and had an opportunity to go shopping for panties again. I sent Ms Lee this message regarding my shopping trip:

Yesterday I purchased my newest set of panties. I looked for a set with a skirt & garters as you expected. I had a bit of trouble finding a set similar to the red ones you like and was embarrassed to have to ask for help again. Finally one friendly sales lady suggested the skirt like panties I am wearing in the attached photos, but I was concerned because they had no crotch to them. We had to look around to find a matching thong from the same set. The photo titled WhiteBlkTrimThong shows me wearing just the thong, before adding the skirt/panties with garters.

I really hope you like these new panties, they tease me even more than the red ones! They are quite elaborate, with the seperate thong, double layered skirt and garters.

Unfortunately, I had neglegted to keep myself properly groomed in my pubic region, which Ms Lee observed when viewing the photos I sent to her. She then responded:

Does not look at all appealing with all that fur.  take care of it.

Of course I immediately did as she expected, trimming and shaving myself to a more acceptable presentation. I then sent her new photos of myself:

Attached are some photos I took this morning, after shaving and trimming my fur. I hope that my appearance is more pleasing now. I have to admit that shaving & trimming myself for you got me quite excited. I was actually in pain because my penis was straining so hard against my chastity sleeve..

Perversely, the pain just made me more excited, adding to my frustration. I haven’t quite reached three weeks in chastity, but my desperation is already extremely intense. Once again you have my hormones on a wild roller coaster ride. Please understand that I would never complain about my frustration, I am just hoping that it provides you some pleasure or amusement.


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