During a recent chat with Ms Lee I was talking about my need to please her, telling her that ‘in my chastised state I live for your pleasure‘.  As I explained my need she responded:

you love being submissive for me, don’t you boy?

Of course I responded that I did, but she was not satisfied. Ms Lee told me to beg to be hers, that I hadn’t done so recently. I proceeded to beg, but she was still not satisfied. She then gave me a new assignment:

here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to write me a five page essay, double spaced begging me properly to be mine. provide the whys. think hard and deep as to why i should keep you. focus on me, not you, and everything you know about me

It took me a while to properly compose my essay. At one point I told Ms Lee that I felt like a naughty school boy that had been punished and must write something like ‘I will focus only on Ms Lee’s pleasure’ 500 times.  I had to think long and hard, thinking about it from Ms Lee’s perspective, explaining why she should bother to keep me on as her property. I also had to keep the proper attitude in my essay, begging frequently and sincerely.
I found composing the essay to be a very enlightening exercise, making me realize just how fortunate I am to be Ms Lee’s property. She has enabled me to realize my proper role in life, to be in submissive service to a dominant woman.
Although it may sometimes amuse her to tease and play with me, I now understand that the most important thing for me is to demonstrate to Ms Lee every day that my focus is on her. There are many submissive boys who would feel fortunate to be owned by Ms Lee and I must show her through unstinting devotion to her pleasure and well being that I stand out above the others.

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