A frustrating chat

About a week after I began wearing my anal plug on a daily basis I had an opportunity to have an exciting text chat with Ms Lee as she pleasured herself. The next morning I sent her this message reflecting on our chat:

Thank you so much for chatting with me last night. I know it is not easy on the phone. I hope that I helped you enjoy yourself and that you went to sleep with a smile on your face, thinking about my devotion.

I can’t begin to tell you just how frustrated I was after our chat. I thought I was going to lose my mind as I pictured you using your vibe as I described how I would love to rim you. And the fact that I was plugged and pantied for you at the same time just made my frustration that much more intense. When you told me you were coming I could feel my penis pulsing in desperation against my unyielding chastity sleeve.

The fact that I knew my own pleasure was to be ignored helped me to focus on yours. I worked very hard to please you by describing how I would rim you and use my fingers to excite you. I am becoming quite addicted to being devoted to your pleasure!

Attached are some photos I just took for you, showing me plugged, chastised and wearing the red panties with garters and skirt that I recently purchased. These panties tease me worse than any others! I don’t know I I am going to be able to endure all the teasing and frustration I am going to be subjected to today. Needless to say, you will always be on my mind.

Plugged, chastised & pantied for your pleasure,
In my 16th day of chastity,
and 34 days since my last pleasurable release

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