Being plugged

The morning after Ms Lee had me begin wearing my plug on a daily basis I sent her this report:

Attached are some photos I just took for you, showing myself plugged, chastised & pantied. I still can’t believe that you expect me to do this every day for the rest of the month! It was so difficult to endure wearing the plug yesterday. I think it will take a while before I get used to wearing it all day, but it is so exciting to be reminded of your will and dominance over me with every step I take (and every time I sit down!).

It is also incredibly frustrating to have the plug in me while I am chastised & pantied. The plug excites my prostate which makes my chastised penis attempt to get erect. My deprived penis is already being teased so badly by my panties and perversely the pain of straining against my chastity chains just gets me even more frustrated and excited. Between the panties, the plug and the chastity sleeve I am going absolutely crazy with desperation!

Plugged, chastised & pantied for your pleasure,
In my 14th day of chastity,
and 32 days since my last pleasurable release

The next few days were quite an ordeal as I adjusted to being plugged all day long, every day. I had previously worn my anal plug for an entire day, but the realization that Ms Lee expected me to wear it full time for nearly three weeks made me weak in the knees.

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