Another pair of new panties

The marks on my rear were still quite visible the next time I went to New York City and went shopping at Macy’s for another pair of panties, as Ms Lee expected. Once again I endured an extremely embarrasing situation which I duly reported:

Attached are some photos I just took, wearing my new pink panties from Macy’s. Once again I was extremely nervous as I asked one of the helpful sales ladies to help me pick out a pair of pink, feminine panties in my size. I think my face was as pink as the panties I eventually purchased.

And once again I noticed a smile or a smirk as the sales lady sized me up and helped me look through a selection in pink. Once in a while she would hold up a pair and ask me with a sly smile if they were feminine enough for me. Thankfully she did not hold them up to me as she asked!

When she showed me the pair I am now wearing I could feel my heart begin to race. I could also feel my deprived penis strain against my sleeve as I examined the triangular shaped panel in the rear with the oval cutout. I assured the sales lady that this pair was certainly feminine enough for me.

I can feel my penis straining again right now within these pink panties. I am SO desperate at this point that I am afraid it will be straining all day. And it is so frustrating to be wearing such feminine panties! Every time I feel my penis strain I imagine your hand holding and restraining my penis, touching it as I am not allowed to.

In my 7th day of chastity for your pleasure,
and 25 days since my last pleasurable release

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