Marking myself for Ms Lee

Shortly after my shopping trip to Macy’s I was chatting with Ms Lee and I told that I would soon be shipping a riding crop she was interested in to her. I had previously told her that I would be sending it to her, but I hadn’t had a chance to pack it up yet. I knew I would probably be in trouble for my delay so I asked:

May I get on my knees now and beg you to allow me to mark myself with it before I ship it to you?

Not surprisingly she responded:

Oh, yes. mark yourself well, too, for making me wait, my love.  send me photos of your marks  i want them very visible

I had previously marked myself with a belt and sent her photographs when I deserved punishment and I had found it quite difficult to strike myself hard enough to make the marks visible, I responded:

omg! I had to strike myself so hard with the belt last time just to get very slight marks to show. I can’t imagine how much it will hurt to mark myself well enough to satisfy you and make them very visible

Ms Lee did not seem to mind my concern as she replied:

I’ve come to terms lately with the fact that i’m a sadist.  🙂  * sly smile *

I experienced quite a bit of self inflicted pain as I marked myself enough to show very visible marks. I then quickly packed up the crop and shipped it ti Ms Lee before I earned myself another punishment.

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