Wearing garters

On my very next trip to New York City I stopped by Macy’s on my way home to shop for my newest pair of panties. It was quite a humiliating shopping trip as I explained to Ms Lee:

I was quite excited and nervous as I went on my shopping trip last night. When I asked the saleslady to help me pick out a pair of feminine panties in my size I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. What made it worse was that although she gave me a knowing smirk, she then proceeded as if nothing was out of the ordinary. At first I wanted to believe that she thought I was just buying the panties for someone else, but since I had asked for ‘my size’ I’m sure she knew I was buying for myself.

She had me follow her about as she walked down the asiles looking for something suitable. When she held up the red panties with the garters I could feel my face turning red. She told me that the panties were quite frilly and feminine with a lacy sort of skirt that covered the thong underneath. When I mentioned that I wasn’t looking for panties with garters she smiled and assured me that they were removable.

Attached are some photos of myself wearing my new panties. As I was putting them on I could feel my penis strain like mad against my chastity sleeve. The panties are so soft and silky that the feel of them drives me mad. The addition of the skirt along with the garters makes me feel so humiliated, but perversely that just makes my penis strain even harder.

What should I do about the garters? I remember a while back that you did not want me to wear a garter belt, but I don’t want to remove them without your permission, since these are what the saleslady picked out for me.

In my 13th day of chastity for your pleasure

I was certain that Ms Lee would prohibit me from wearing the garters. She had made it clear that she enjoyed the humiliaiton I experienced from wearing panties, but did not wish to see me become overly feminized. I was surprised at the response I then received:

Ha ha ha!  That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!  Oh, thank you for that entertainment.  Love these! 
Keep everything on…including the garters.  Looks lovely.

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