Shopping Again

Recently I mentioned to Ms Lee that I had an opportunity to go back to Macy’s in NYC, where I had previously purchased panties at her direction. Some of my previous panties had become worn and I thought I could replace them during a trip back to Macy’s. Ms Lee once again found a way to extend my humiliation as she replied:

I only want you buying 1 pair of panties tomorrow.  Then, each time you visit NYC, go buy 1 pair of panties.  In other words, one at a time, per trip, until you have a new week’s worth. Do you understand?

I had thought my need for new panties would only require a single trip to Macy’s, but Ms Lee apparently saw an opportunity to further my embarrassment. I immediately acknowledged my understanding:

Yes, I understand and will do as you instructed. I’ll send you a photo of the panties I purchase today. Do you have any preference regarding what kind or color I buy?

I will be SO embarrassed having to go back to Macy’s every week to purchase a single pair of panties. I am worried that helpful sales lady or one like her will notice my repeat visits and figure out that the panties are for me.

Ms Lee’s response substantially increased the humiliation I was to endure:

Ask the saleslady for help each time.  Something and feminine in your size, tell her.

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