Released at last

As my week of unfettered masturbation (without release) neared an end I recieved a text message from Ms Lee that drove me crazy with frustration. My next message to her described my reaction:

Your message to me last night made me absolutely crazy with frustration. I got so hard and desperate that I got out my anal plug and slid it up my horny rear end. I then slipped my panties back on and got even harder in reaction to the tease they inflicted on me. I ground and rammed against the plug as I pictured you being rimmed and pleasured. I then began masturbating, trying desperately to stretch out the enjoyment, but knowing it was probably a losing battle. Your text message kept exciting and frustrating me, driving me to stroke even harder. Within a couple of minutes I lost control and exploded, releasing months of pent up frustration.

It was glorious to finally be able to enjoy an unfettered, pleasurable ejaculation. But at the same time I felt disappointment that I was not able to hold out longer and enjoy it further. I felt such an intense sense of release and pressure that I knew I would not be able to enjoy another release before the day ended.

Sure enough, I went to sleep last night without even trying to get hard again. I slept in quite late and had a number of chores to deal with this morning. I am now back in my panties and chastity sleeve even though there is no real need for the sleeve right now. I can feel some slight stirrings in my penis, but I don’t think it will be up to anything today.

I hope you had a great time last night, it was so awesome to get a text from you while you were being pleasured. I would love to hear more about it.

Back in chastity for your pleasure

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