A chat & a tease

A few days after my second ruined orgasm I was fortunate enough to join Ms Lee for another chat. Below is a portion of that chat, with Ms Lee’s comments in italics:

btw, i have [one of my other boys] produce for me as often as possible every day

omg!  I assume he is allowed pleasurable releases?
 yes  too bad he’s not here for me to monitor it
  what i’d want is for him to produce SEVERAL times a day, every day
  after a while, it’ll get harder & harder for him
Ouch! My penis hurts! It is straining against my chastity chains so badly right now
and after a while, when i keep increasing by 1 every day  he’ll want a break
  i think it would be a lovely thing to have a boy in chastity WISH he could have unrestricted production
  and the boy who has unrestricted production WISH he was in chastity
  that would be fun
Well you sure have me where you want me!
i know and i love it
It drives me so crazy that I have no idea when I might ever be allowed an unrestricted production again  I always assumed my chastity cycles would end with one  or more
if you want you can masturbate right now. unrestricted, unfettered. but NO production!
omg!  what a tease!
you’re the one who missing feeling pleasure. so feel away. just no production. 🙂
I can’t get the chains off! My penis is straining so hard I can’t unsnap them!
lol that’s so funny!
it hurts too!
mmmmm…. yummy  it’s a good thing i’m not sadistic…lol
can I at least stroke myself – even being allowed to touch would be nice. please?
  I’m on my kness begging!
i told you, yes. unfettered masturbation. what part didn’t you understand? or would you rather i rescind me offer?
I can;t get unfettered! The chains are too tight! My unruly penis won’t stop straining
so slap it a few times…hard
That just made it hurt more – and got it more excited
oh i was hoping so!  do it again
bullshit. you know you like it
my penis is straining even harder! The chains are SO tight
well keep it up…slapping that is…until i come back
bgin now
ok, i’m back
My penis is being teased so badly!
your little penis loves it and craves it  and you know it
but I miss unfettered so much!
YOU do. IT doesn’t.
 I suppose you may be right
well, look at the slapping thing
  YOU said it hurt and was glad when I came back
  IT told you something else entirely

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