Experiencing my reward

I was quite blind sided by the ‘reward’ Ms Lee granted me in return for my two incredibly frustrating months in chastity. I had thought I would be allowed to milk myself in privacy, but she had added an extremely devious twist. The next morning I sent her this message after preparing for ‘my reward’:

I am at home right now, I have just finished getting prepared as you instructed. I am rocking on my butt plug as I type this, with my desperate penis straining against my chastity sleeve, tucked inside my pink & black thong. It is difficult, but I am stopping myself from getting too worked up since I understand that you do not want me to attempt to milk myself until I am at work.

It is going to be so embarrassing to do this at work. The worst part might be trying not to make too much noise, but just the idea of what I’ll be doing is going to make me so self conscious. Obviously I will have a very hard time keeping my mind on work today.

One thing that will be constantly on my mind is you. Every time I take a step I feel that butt plug in my rear and every time I sit down (gingerly!) I think of you again. And of course every time I rock on my plug or feel my penis strain against my sleeve I’ll be thinking of you.

I also must admit that I can’t stop thinking about you going out on dates with real men while I am in chastity for you. That frustrates me to no end! I do sincerely hope that you have a very good time with them as your pleasure is what I crave. I love to see you happy and pleased.
I just realized that I am now in my THIRD! month of chastity for your pleasure.

In my 61st day of chastity

Mid way thru the day I sent her this update on my situation:

This is SO frustrating! I am grinding & rocking in my chair like crazy, trying not to make too much noise. When I’m not grinding I’m clenching and releasing my anal muscles, caressing my anal plug with my rear. I have been doing this for about an hour so far, with some short breaks when my rear gets tired, although the clenching never seems to stop. My greedy rear seems to have a mind of its own and can’t get enough of my plug.

Although I am extremely desperate, I do not feel any milking or
leaking going on yet. I will continue trying through the day.

Frustrated, pantied, chastised and plugged for your pleasure

I then sent her this message after arriving home that day:

I am home now and I’ve removed the anal plug from my rear. It was quite a relief to take it out. It has been a long while since I’ve used an anal plug all day so I’m not used to it. Unfortunately, I did not get the other relief I’ve been so desperate for. Although I really got into grinding and rocking on my plug at times, I was unable to milk myself

After this excruciating day I expected Ms Lee to have mercy on me. I was certainly not expecting this reply which I then received from her:

Lovely.  Same thing tomorrow.

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