Two months in chastity & my reward

The next few days in chastity were the ultimate in frustration. My hormones were in a turmoil and my penis was constantly straining against my chastity sleeve. When I finally reached two months in chastity for Ms Lee’s pleasure I received this message from her:

Congratulations on being in chastity for two months!  You are doing very, very well and I am extremely pleased with you.

Although I was extremely desperate for releif, I was more than satisfied with the state of things since I had managed to please Ms Lee. I was ready to continue without release when I received a second message from Ms Lee:

Excellent!  A full 60 days in chastity at my request.  I am very, very pleased with you and your begging has been steady and sufficient.  Let me reward you. Tomorrow I wish you to wear your butt plug to work.  Do whatever you want while you sit at your desk–rock, whatever.  It is my wish that you attempt your milking through your butt plug while at your desk at work.  Whether it is or not, you are not to remove that butt plug until after you walk in the door of your home after work.

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