A humble plea

After being warned that I was not begging sufficiently on a daily basis I began doing so quite diligently, in fact usually multiple times a day. Here is a sample of one of those daily beggings:

With every additional day of chastity my frustration mounts almost exponentially. My penis throbs constantly within my tight chastity sleeve, keeping you always on my mind. My desperation has reached the point where it is absolutely breathtaking – I can feel my pulse race when my frustration builds.

So I am back on my knees where I have been so often lately, begging you to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider my plea to be allowed to try to milk myself. In no way am I asking to be allowed to get any form of pleasure from this, I merely need so badly to relieve the intense pressure in my balls. Right now I can feel them swollen and desperate to release as my penis throbs constantly within my sleeve.

Instead of being allowed any form of pleasure from this milking, I beg you to allow me to use the milking chains I fashioned to prevent any erection at all, most likely resulting in my production dribbling out slowly with no pleasure derived. Then I will beg you to reset my ‘chastity clock’ back to zero, as if you had just allowed me to have an enjoyable, unfettered release. With my ‘clock’ reset to zero I will in addition beg you to start me in a new, long, very extended period of chastity so I can further demonstrate my devotion to you.

Today is my 56th day in extended chastity for your pleasure. I am only 4 days away from reaching an unbelievable 2 MONTHS in chastity. I would never had thought it possible for me to go this long without any form of release. I think I am beginning to understand just how serious and intense your dominance can be.

If it pleases you to see my chastity continue, to two months or even more, than that is what I desire also. I do not want to disappoint you, I only want to see you pleased and happy. But I must humbly ask for you to consider my desperation and frustration as I beg to be allowed to try to milk myself.

In my 56th day of chastity for your pleasure

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