More begging

The very next day after receiving Ms Lee’s reprimand that I was not begging sufficiently on a daily basis I sent her this sincere message of begging:

I am quite concerned that you felt I was not begging sufficiently enough on a daily basis. I am truly desperate beyond belief and I’m constantly thinking about my need for a milking. I find it absolutely mind boggling that I am less than a week away from reaching two months in chastity for your pleasure. The main reason I have been able to control myself this long is the thought that my extended chastity pleases you. To endure my denial I have had to suppress all thoughts of my need for sexual pleasure and stay completely focused on yours, as I should.

I also find myself very focused on the thought of worshiping at your rear. I feel so submissive to you now that I feel a great need to demonstrate the level of my devotion in such a way. I hope you find it pleasing that I feel such an intense need. I would love to spend literally hours kissing and rimming your wonderful rear while using my fingers to pleasure your pussy. Since my pleasure is so often denied, and you feel my penis is inadequate, I would have to become an expert at pleasing you with my fingers. While I was rimming you I would concentrate on your pleasure, keeping myself tuned to your rhythm and desire. My tongue would tire, but I would continue. My fingers would tire, but I would continue. Your pleasure is what I would concentrate on, driving my tongue in deeper and keeping you excited.

Only after you were satiated would I then begin begging for my milking again. I need it so badly and I desperately need your permission for this. I am on my knees again pleading with you to consider my need and frustration. PLEASE, PLEASE let me releive the intense pressure in my balls! I need this so badly.

In my 55th day of chastity for your pleasure

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