Ms Lee’s pleasure

Although I was growing increasingly desperate as the legnth of my chastity increased I reminded myself that everything would be fine as long as I concentrated on Ms Lee’s pleasure. That is truly all that matters to me and I know that she will always see to my needs. On my 54th day in chastity i sent her this message:

I’m  excited that I was able to purchase the dildo harness for you. I hope you will be pleased with it, it looks really cool.

I’m also glad to hear that you have continued to enjoy my extended chastity. I am quite focused on your pleasure and I sincerely hope that the thought of my being in extended chastity, without even being able to enjoy erections, brings an occasional smile to your face.

You will see an example of how focused I am on your pleasure when I send you a photo of myself in today’s panties (my extremely skimpy pink & black thong). When I was getting ready to take the photo I noticed that I still had quite a bit of fur poking out from beneath my panties. It immediately occurred to me that you would not be pleased with my appearance, so I trimmed a good deal of the excess fur off for you. I hope you are happy with my newly trimmed look.

You may also notice in the photo just how frustrated and desperate I am at this point. My penis is constantly straining like mad against the tightly restraining chastity chains, keeping you always on my mind. Every time I feel my penis strain I find myself thinking that I should be worshiping you and thanking you. I am always compelled to think about worshiping at your lovely rear, demonstrating my submission and devotion. It would be so nice to reach around you and caress your awesome breasts as my tongue reached deeply inside you. I would play with your nipples until they were hard and excited, all the while thrusting my tongue deeper and faster. I wouldn’t stop until you were spurting and coming, and I wouldn;t stop then. I would instead pick up the pace and make you cum again. I would force my exhausted tongue to continue my worship as your pleasure became the center of my universe.

Right now I can feel my penis straining in futility as I contemplate your total control over me and my sexuality. I have passed the point of maximum desperation and desire for a pleasureable release. I understand that instead, the best I can hope for is that you may consider allowing me to milk myself to releive the pressure in my balls. I am back on my knees where I belong, begging you, pleading with you, to please allow me to milk myself. I can’t begin to describe just how desperate I am.

As I am begging, I find myself drawn back to focusing on your pleasure. I know I shouldn’t be so concerned about my own desperation. Instead, may I ask if there is anything else I can do that might please or amuse you?

In my 54th day of chastity for your pleasure

In reply, Ms Lee sent me this message:

Why am I not seeing you sufficiently beg on a daily basis?  You must not need it that much.

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