Begging again

Ms Lee had told me that I could not beg for a milking until I purchased her dildo harness for her.  After I told Ms Lee that I had sent her the dildo harness she very graciously replied:

You may begin begging at any time.  I will consider them all AFTER the harness arrives

I wasted no time in beginning to beg again for a milking:

Thank you so much for allowing me to begin begging for a milking at this time. I understand that you will not consider a response to my begging until after your harness is in your hands. And you are very, very welcome – I am happy that you allowed me this opportunity to purchase something that will please you.

I am now on my knees to begin my begging for a milking. Of course I am wearing my flowered panties as required by my panty schedule that you provided me with. And my deprived penis is firmly restrained by my chastity sleeve, as it has been for the last 35 days. Thus not only have I been denied a release for 53 days, I have not even been allowed a full, unfettered erection since you told me to resume wearing my chastity sleeve for you a little over a month ago. With one exception – you did have me masturbate (without release) that one time on June 3rd, just over a month ago. That caused me such intense frustration and the memory of it continues to do so.

I have also been thinking quite a bit about the fact that you will not even consider a response to my begging until you receive your harness. That means I will reach 2 MONTHS in chastity for you at a minimum. I knew that you loved the idea of extended chastity, but I had no idea that you would ever take it this far. I am in awe of you and your control over me, and quite frankly a bit frightened. But most of all I find myself being drawn into ever deeper submission to you. It is obvious that your dominance is serious, severe and extremely intense.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, the pressure in my balls has become quite intense. And of course that causes my penis to almost constantly strain against my chastity sleeve in a futile effort to acheive the erection I am denied. This all keeps you ever present on my mind and adds to the intensity of my submission to you.

As a result of my desperation and frustration I am begging, no PLEADING! for permission to be allowed to milk myself to releive the pressure in my balls. Please, please consider my request as I am frustrated beyond comprehension.

I also beg you to allow me to use the milking chains I fashioned if you allow me to milk myself, I realize that it may please you to deny me the pleasure of an erection if I am allowed to be milked and of course the milking chains would also likely prevent me from even enjoying a normal, explosive release. Instead, all I am likely to gain from a milking is to releive the pressure in my balls (and my prostate). I have never been milked, but I suspect that my frustration will continue unchecked since I will be denied any sort of enjoyable ejaculation. Instead I expect that my semen will just drip out of my firmly restrained penis.

Once again, I beg you to please consider allowing me to milk myself while wearing my milking chains. I would be ever so grateful!

In my 53rd day of chastity for your pleasure

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