No fireworks for me

As I watched the fireworks on the 4th of July I felt a twinge in my balls every time there was a blast of sound and light. I couldn’t help being reminded of the fact that I hadn’t exploded in orgasm for nearly two months at this point. The next morning I sent this message to Ms Lee:

I hope you had a very nice Fourth of July holiday. I was thinking of you quite a bit last night. Every time I saw the fireworks explode I was reminded of my restrained penis that is doing nothing of the sort. I am absolutely astounded that I have now gone 53 days without a release. I would never have believed that I could go so long, but I am determined that I will not disappoint you and so I will not release until it pleases you. I also understand quite clearly what else I need to do for you and of course I will accomplish that as soon as possible.

Furthermore I understand that I will then have to beg quite convincingly in order to convince you how truly desperate I am for a milking. I have given up on dreaming that you might actually let me have an unfettered, full blown release any time in the near future. Instead I will devote my opportunity to beg to making sure I demonstrate my sincerity and desperation for a milking to release the pressure in my balls.

Although I am not allowed to beg for a milking at this time I do dream,of kneeling down and kissing your beautiful rear. I desperately want to please you by worshiping you in that manner, sliding my tongue deeply inside you as I rim you to orgasm after orgasm. It would be such a delicious contrast to have you enjoying such sexual pleasure, provided to you by your devoted boy who has now been in chastity for nearly two months for your pleasure. Every time you moaned in pleasure I would feel my penis strain against my chastity sleeve. I would concentrate on nothing but your pleasure, not expecting any sort of release in return. My opportunity to release depends solely on your whim and mood.

In my 53rd day of chastity for your pleasure

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