A Decision

While I was busy fashioning my milking chains and becoming anally obsessed I was not begging for my milking frequently or seriously enough. Ms Lee brought this to my attention with this message to me:

I’ve come to a decision on your begging with regard to your chastity, my love.

My decision is:
1)  Your begging was not sincere and no where near showing a need.
My remedy is:
1)  Get me that harness I emailed you the link for on a strapon, ASAP!  Contact me for an address when you do, because I may have moved or be near moving.
2)  Once I have the harness–in hand–I will then entertain again your begging me to be milked.
i realized that Ms Lee was absolutely correct and immediately replied with my apology:
I must apologize that my begging for a milking was not sincere enough and did not come close enough to showing a need. I assure you that after more than a month and a half in chastity for your pleasure I am experiencing extreme need and desperation. My penis constantly strains in futility against my sleeve and you are always on my mind.I will obviously be in chastity for a week or two more at a minimum. I understand that purchasing the harness for you is merely a prerequisite required before you will even allow me to beg for a milking again. And of course I will then have to do a much better and more sincere job of begging when I am allowed to do so again.While I am not allowed to beg for a milking at this time I would like to beg for forgiveness. I would like to get on my knees and apologize. While I was on my knees I would kiss your feet until you told me to stop. Then I would ask if I could humbly kiss your rear so I could demonstrate how sorry I am.

This would not be a sexually exciting (for me at least) rimming that I would perfrom, rather I would reverently kiss and worship your rear. My tongue would lick and caress without rest, at times touching lightly, at times reaching in deeply. If you chose to sexually enjoy this rimming I would continue until you were satisfied, without pause. At no time would I allow myself to get sexually excited or try to enjoy myself. My purpose would be to demonstrate my sorrow and to please you.

In my 48th day of chastity for your pleasure

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