Milking Chains

Ms Lee’s response to my first begging message  was short and direct:

Fashion those new chains, but do not use them without my permission.  Let me know when you’re done.

I fashioned my milking chains by making a set that was two links shorter than my already tight chastity chains. I could barely fasten them around my penis when it was flacid. It was obvious that they would prevent erections of any sort at all. I then informed Ms Lee that I had completed my chains and received this reply:

I want to see a picture with them on.  Put them on, take a picture and send it to me, then remove them.

It was incredibly difficult to do as Ms Lee asked. I realized she would want to see how well the chains restricted my penis so I put them on without the protection of my chastity sleeve underneath. My penis rebelled after the first chain was attached, swelling in an attempt at an actual erection. The intense pain of the chain digging in caused my penis to shrink a bit, allowing me to attach the 2nd chain. I countinued in this maaner until all the milking chains were in place, then took the photos Ms Lee wanted. When I sent her the photos I received this reply:

I see you also have to trim again.  Use these new chains when I give you permission to do so.

Ms Lee expected me to always keep the fur around my penis trimmed and shaved to her specifications. Using my razor I quickly complied and sent her new photos.

I was relieved when I received her reply:

Much better!


2 Responses to “Milking Chains”

  1. shant Says:

    Ms Lee is very kind…you are lucky to have met her…and even luckier to have her send ukulele messages.l

    • Property of Ms Lee Says:

      shant – The Ms Lee you know is NOT the same Ms Lee I know. If you continue to make comments on your agenda about the former dominant who is NOT my Ms Lee, I will have to delete your posts

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