Helping Ms Lee in the shower

After telling me that my freshly shaved look was much better I didn’t hear from Ms Lee for a few days. I was extremely desperate to be allowed to relieve the intense pressure in my balls and was anxious to hear from Ms Lee, hoping she would give me permission to do so. I didn’t even care that I would have to use my new milking chains and would derive no enjoyment from the milking.

But no word came from Ms Lee. I didn’t know if she was teasing me or was just not concerned about my plight. This silence on her part reinforced the lesson I had learned so long ago – my pleasure was not a priority, my only concern was to see to Ms Lee’s pleasure.  I was reflecting on this lesson one morning in the shower and sent Ms Lee this message regarding my thoughts:

As I was showering this morning I was thinking about my recent message to you about helping you in the shower. I must confess that my unrestrained penis took the opportunity to enjoy an unfettered erection as I thought about washing and scrubbing your lovely, naked body. After my shower and my Worship it was quite a struggle to get my deprived penis into my chastity sleeve. I was so aroused from thinking about your naked body that my penis strained like crazy with every additional chastity chain I attached.

Once my sleeve was secured by the chains I was ready for another day in extended chastity for your pleasure. My penis strained in useless frustration as I pondered that I had no idea how far you would extend my new chastity record before it pleased you to allow me to be milked. I then slipped into my black lace panties as per my daily schedule and thought about what you would be doing at this time of day.

I thought of being at your service after I had helped you in the shower. As you were relaxing in your bedroom, drying off and such, I would go to the kitchen to prepare your breakfast. I would have purchased fresh fruit and things for you, knowing your preferences. I would prepare your breakfast to your standards and liking, adding some extra touches that I hoped would please you. Once everything was perfect I would bring your food to you on a polished tray so I could serve you breakfast in bed.

Once I had you settled back in bed with your breakfast tray in place my service would continue. As you ate and enjoyed the fruits of my labor I would labor to further please you. I would start by massaging your feet and legs, helping you to relax. As you continued to enjoy your breakfast I would slip into the bed between your legs and slide forward so I could begin to please your pussy. I would be careful no to get you too excited so you could continue to eat in leisure.

Only after you finished eating your meal would I pick up the pace and begin my worship in earnest. Being well practiced in pleasing you, I would quickly have you excited and bucking on my face. I would concentrate on your pleasure, knowing that not doing so would result in the opposite for me since one of the items I brought on the tray was your favorite flogger. After a while, as you got more excited, you would begin to squirt. Being quite thirsty I would be anxious to capture every drop, being careful that nothing stained your bed. Of course I would be doing the laundry later in the day anyway, but I wouldn’t want you to have to endure any wet spots.

After you settled down a bit I would massage you a while to help you relax again. Then I would take away the tray and empty plates, returnng to the kitchen to continue my chores.

In chastity for your pleasure

5 Responses to “Helping Ms Lee in the shower”

  1. shant Says:

    As difficult as your situation may be, at least you haven’t been banished as I have. You still get to serve.

    • Property of Ms Lee Says:

      shant – The Ms Lee you know is NOT the same Ms Lee I know. If you continue to make comments on your agenda about the former dominant who is NOT my Ms Lee, I will have to delete your posts

  2. shant Says:

    And it wouldn’t be a flogger…the MsLee i know…it’d be a cane!! Carbon fiber or metal!!!

    • Property of Ms Lee Says:

      shant – The Ms Lee you know is NOT the same Ms Lee I know. If you continue to make comments on your agenda about the former dominant who is NOT my Ms Lee, I will have to delete your posts

  3. shant Says:


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