Waking Ms Lee

As my time in chastity grew longer, my obsession with Ms Lee’s rear grew stronger. Every time I felt my deprived penis strain against my sleeve I would find myself thinking about rimming her.  One morning when my frustration was particularly strong I sent her this message:

It is early in the morning here and I am thinking about you sleeping soundly in your bed. As I watch you resting peacefully I can feel my penis stirring within my chastity sleeve. I have been in chastity for your pleasure for 40 days now and my penis attempts to harden in reaction to the slightest stimuli. Of course my sleeve firmly prevents me from enjoying such a pleasure so I am focused on your pleasure as things should be.

As I feel my frustration build I can’t stop myself from crawling into the bed with you and sliding beneath the covers. I would like to hug you, but in my desperate state I feel it would be more appropriate to worship your luscious rear instead. I lightly start to kiss your derriere and gradually move in closer. I let my tongue slip slightly inside your anus as I reach beneath you to feel your perfect pussy. I press my tongue in deeper and gently rub you with my hands. As I feel you begin to waken I press my tongue in more firmly and feel you push back against me.

As you move against me I become more excited and my penis strains even harder against my sleeve. I press my tongue in deeper and pick up the pace a bit with my hands. I lightly slide a finger inside you, but my tongue is even deeper inside your rear. I pull you into me as I begin rimming you in earnest.

Now you begin to stir and push against me even harder as I feel you begin to shake and moan. I pick up the pace even more as I feel your first orgasm build. I continue to rim you with my tongue as my finders push deeper inside your pussy, spreading your lips and massaging your clit. Even though my tongue begins to tire I don’t stop. Instead I rim you even harder and deeper as I feel another orgasm overtake you. My hands are getting wet as I feel you squirt. I would love to lick that up but my tongue remains firmly in your rear where it belongs. You are insatiable and my worship goes on and on until my tongue can continue no more.

I collapse in exhaustion as you stretch out in enjoyment from the multiple orgasms you just experienced. As I feel my penis continue to strain against my sleeve you tell me that I have been a good boy and that I have just earned myself the honor of being alllowed another day in chastity for your pleasure.

I hope you smile as you read this, thinking about me frustrated and pantied.

In chastity for your pleasure

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