A new obsession

As the length of my chastity increased, so did my desperation and I found myself focusing more and more on Ms Lee. I was in awe of her control over me and felt a strong desire to worship her for taking control of my sexuality.

During my morning Worship sessions I was also becoming very anally focused. I was ramming my anal plug harder and harder in a desperate attempt to derive some sexual stimulation. As my anal focus increased I also found myself beginning to think about Worshiping Ms Lee in this manner. I then sent her this message explaining my desire:

This morning during Worship, as I rubbed my rear against my bowl in a mad attempt to ram my anal plug in deeper I  begun to think about worshiping you in a different manner. I remembered chatting about my rimming you and the idea has been on my mind a lot lately. I would love to get on my knees right now and give you a long, leisurely, sensuous rimming. Or perhaps you would enjoy it more if you were lying on a bed while I worshiped at your rear. While I rimmed you I would use my fingers on your pussy, doing my best to excite you. I wouldn’t stop until you were cumming and I wouldn’t stop then, I would continue until you were shaking and leaking. And of course I would be in chastity while doing so which would drive me to provide you with even better service.

I hope you have a wonderful day today.

In chastity for your pleasure


One Response to “A new obsession”

  1. vimax Says:

    thank your for your post and the rest. you know..

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