Grateful for chastity

When Ms Lee returned from her trip she seemed pleased that I had faithfully remained in chastity for her during her absence. No mention was made of allowing me a release at any time in the near future.

At this point I had reached 37 days in chastity for Ms Lee, only 5 days short of my all time record. It was becoming quite a struggle to maintain my chastity as my deprived penis was constantly straining against my chastity sleeve. I was frequently tempted to play with myself but Ms Lee forbade such behavior on my part. It occurred to me that I was actually fortunate that I was wearing my chastity sleeve because it helped me resist the urge that my frustration was tempting me with. I think the message I sent to Ms Lee regarding these feelings says it best:

As I mentioned before, it helps that I get constant reminders of you every time I feel my penis strain against my chastity sleeve. Whenever this happens I think of you and feel closer to your presence. Of course I also feel your dominance over me and my sexuality, which has been thoroughly subjugated for your pleasure. Subject to you, my freedom to masturbate at will has been replaced by my constant struggles against my sleeve and my daily Worship as I grind in desperation, feeling my penis strain against my cock ring.

As I experience the intense frustration of my extended chastity I am almost certain that I would be unable to resit the urge to take hold of myself and masturbate if it were not for my chastity sleeve. If I were allowed to enjoy an unfettered erection I would be sorely tempted to play with myself to heighten the pleasure allowed by the freedom of my penis. I am certain that I would then be unable to stop myself from going all the way and releasing the intense pressure in my balls.

As I think about this I realize that I am grateful that you have me wearing my chastity sleeve. If I were to give in and release I would gain a momentary feeling of greedy enjoyment that would very soon be replaced by regret and sorrow for disappointing you. My regret and your disappointment would last far longer than my brief enjoyment of release and I certainly do not want that to occur. I am much more happy and satisfied as your boy and I don’t want to jeopardize that.

In chastity for your pleasure

One Response to “Grateful for chastity”

  1. jerry Says:

    great to see you’re posting again. i thought your Miss Lee was someone else. She seems to be very similar to the person i know.

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