Preferring chastity over masturbation

Recently Ms Lee instructed me to begin masturbating daily after nearly setting a new chastity record for her. I had been in chastity for 39 days, just one day shy of my record, when she told me that she expected me to begin producing for her on a daily basis.

I had mixed feelings at first since I was so close to setting a new chastity record. Instead of the satisfaction of establishing a new record,  my intensely long period of frustration was just one more routine demonstration of her control over me.

I also quickly learned that daily masturbation is not so much fun after being acclimated to such long periods of chastity. My hormones are on a wild roller coaster ride and they quickly crashed once I began producing regularly. My first few daily productions were quite satisfying, but then it began to get more difficult to get excited and hard.  It was no longer fun to masturbate, but I knew Ms Lee expected me to continue without fail.

This was quite unlike my days when I was an uncontrolled, compulsive masturbator. I believe Ms Lee has conditioned me to expect extremely long periods of chastity and has modified my hormonal swings. I no longer seem to have the physical ability to produce daily and enjoy it. My ‘normal’ state is now chastity and I only feel satisfied and complete when I am in chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee.

After a week of daily masturbation I was actually dreading my daily attempts to produce. There was no joy left in masturbation, it had become a difficult chore. Ms Lee had established her clear control over my sexual function and I was quite relieved when she instructed me to go back into chastity for her.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately because it is such a reversal of my previous attitudes. And I can now state that I truly do prefer being in chastity for Ms Lee over being an uncontrolled, compulsive masturbator.

One Response to “Preferring chastity over masturbation”

  1. experiment Says:

    Yes isn’t it amazing how you lose interest in masturbating after prolonged chastity. i had stopped chastity on my own 30 days ago, telling my mistress I had to be free of her control after 56 days in chastity. Now i am beginning to wish i had not stopped. I am even thinking about asking her to take me back again. What a mess we get ourselves into.

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