Wash Day

One of the more humiliating aspects of the panties that I bought at Macy’s is that they are so delicate they require hand washing. I had to ask Ms Lee for instruction on how often I was to wash my panties and was told that I must never wear them more than twice without first hand washing them.

It is quite embarrassing for me to go though the task of hand washing my panties. And of course I perform this chore while wearing Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve underneath of the panties that I am assigned to wear that day. Today I am wearing my black lace panties, as my panty schedule requires. And of course I wear Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve all day, every day.

After washing and rinsing my panties, I must carefully lay them out flat to dry, being careful to maintain their shape. Once they dry, I then carefully fold them and put them away until my schedule calls for me to wear them again.


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