Another twist on my chastity roller coaster ride

Ms Lee recently caught me off guard again by informing me that due to a positive event in her life, I was to celebrate with her. I was to do so by being allowed to masturbate one time for her pleasure. Even more surprising, I was allowed to do so with no restrictions – no chastity sleeve, no cock ring, no panties, nothing! To top it all off I was also allowed to touch myself and use my hands to masturbate.

This was a rare treat indeed for me, but unfortunately i failed to fully enjoy the opportunity. After being in chastity for a month my balls were bursting with pressure. I had intended to take my time and enjoy a leisurely masturbation session. However, within a minute of starting I could feel my cum boiling to the surface and I was unable to resist my greedy pigmale desire to just spurt it out. The pressure and the long-term denial were too much for me and I wasted my one chance to enjoy an old fashioned masturbation experience.

After my very brief masturbation exercise ended I was ashamed that I was unable to hold out any longer. A real man would not have lost control of himself so quickly, but then again Ms Lee has taught me to understand that I am certainly not a real man. I can never hope to please her as a real man does, and can only try my best to please her as her property. As I pondered these truths I realized that this masturbation opportunity was designed to bind me even closer to her will.

Now I am back in chastity for my Goddess’ pleasure and naturally I have no idea how long this chastity period will last. Even worse, I fear that Ms Lee will not be so generous next time and I may not enjoy such unrestricted freedom the next time she allows me to produce.

One Response to “Another twist on my chastity roller coaster ride”

  1. experiment Says:

    yes i can see how frustrating it is to wait for release for so long and have it over in a brief moment. i too experienced such an event two month ago. i don’t thimk i lasted 30 seconds. it had benn 55 days that time. that is one of my chief concernc if my Mistress ever allow me to masturbate or cum. it has been 51 days since my last one. i know i could not hold out long if allowed to simulate myself. it will be difficult either way.

    good luck on getting Your next opportunity

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