An overly generous Christmas gift from my Goddess

It turns out that Ms Lee did allow me a Christmas morning gift and allowed me the freedom to masturbate. However, in her unpredictable and overwhelming fashion, she added a unique twist to this generous Christmase gift. She instructed me that starting on Christmas Eve, I was to masturbate for her every day, as often as possible, until she instructed me to stop.

That was four days ago and she still has not instructed me to stop yet. At first it was quite enjoyable and exciting to be allowed to masturbate like a naughty teenage boy. However, Ms Lee expects me to not stop just because I am satiated. I am to continue masturbating for her pleasure, no matter how difficult it becomes.

Today is my fifth day of non-stop masturbation for the pleasure of Ms Lee and I can assure you that it is no longer for my pleasure. It is very difficult to produce any semen at all any more and it is not at all fun. I have no idea when Ms Lee will instruct me to cease and I will have to continue until she does.

3 Responses to “An overly generous Christmas gift from my Goddess”

  1. experiment Says:

    how do you find the time to continually masturbate? do you start and stop all the time or try and step into a bathroom if out somewhere.

    the concept is really interesting. it certainly points reminds one to be careful what you ask for, you just might get it

  2. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    I was home on vacation, so I did not have to use public bathrooms to masturbate. I generally masturbated early in the morning, and then again a few hours later when I could get hard again. I would try again in the afternoon, but often found I was too drained to do so again so soon. Then in the evening I would force myself to masturbate again since Ms Lee expected me to do so as often as possible.

    During the first few days it was fun and easy, like my old days as a compulsive masturbator. But all too soon the joy was lost and it became a difficult and almost painful chore. I knew Ms Lee was using the opportunity to train me to Her will and I had no choice but to do as She expected of me.

  3. submale7 Says:

    Thanks for keeping this site. It’s very erotic. You are a lucky sub.

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