my generous Goddess

Lately my Goddess has been very generous to me. In last week’s post i discussed how She had recently allowed me to masturbate as much as possible for two days. i was astounded because She has never given me such freedom in the past. i was lucky enough that she was allowing me to ejaculate so much. It was beyond belief that She was also allowing me to touch myself and masturbate normally.

During two different chat sessions within the last three weeks She has also allowed me to masturbate under her direction. She also allowed me to touch myself both times. I couldn’t be sure if She would allow me to ejaculate during these sessions, but both times She pleasantly surprised me by giving me permission to do so.

Due to my Goddess’s recent generosity, I have been allowed to ejaculate more times in the last three weeks than in the entire three months prior. i am so fortunate to be owned by such an awesome Goddess and I am now on my knees thanking Her for her benevolence.

i am not sure why Ms Lee has been so generous to me lately, but i suspect She may be rewarding me for good behavior and progress achieved.  If so, i am grateful and i will increase my efforts to please her regardless.

However, Ms Lee never ceases to surprise me and always keeps me off balance. She may decide that I now need an extended period of chastity to reinforce my learnings and submission. She might let me ejaculate again in the near future. She might let me touch myself again, or She might not. The most tantalizing aspect of all this is that my actions will probably affect her decisions on when i can touch myself and/or cum next, but i cannot predict just how. All i know for sure is that i must work hard and do my best to please my Goddess. Then i can be assured that She will decide what is best for me.

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