my reward

i finally completed my three week correction for failing to pay attention to Ms Lee while we were chatting. my previous post contains my final report which i had to submit to Ms Lee, telling her what i had learned from my correction.

i was quite surprised when i received Ms Lee’s reply. She told me that as a reward, i was to masturbate for Her as much as possible for the next two days. i couldn’t believe how generous She was being to me, i have the perfect Goddess!

i proceeded to do exactly as Ms Lee had instructed me. Every time i came i was also required to eat my cum. The first time i had a very copious ejaculation and the cum was spilling out of my hand. The next time i came, the volume was a bit less and by the third time barely anything came out.

i was getting drained, but i continued to masturbate. There were two reasons why i continued to masturbate even after i was drained. The first was that Ms Lee had instructed me to do so. i always do as Ms Lee tells me to. The second reason i continued to masturbate was because i had no idea when Ms Lee might allow me to do so again. When She first took ownership of me i was required to go for months without being allowed to touch myself.

i do not know when Ms Lee will allow me to cum again. When She does, there is no way of knowing if She will allow me to use my hands. i do know that She is very generous if i have been good, so i will work very hard to please her. i know that i can’t count on such a reward for being good, but pleasing Ms Lee is reward enough anyway.

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