Correction and Punishment

Today I have completed my three weeks of correction and punishment for not paying attention. Here is my final report I sent to Ms Lee regarding what I learned from my correction:
First and foremost, I must apologize again for my failure to pay attention when I was online. It was inexcusable for me to not be available when you sent me a chat message and I will not let that happen again.

I also have to thank you for your wonderful correction. As usual, you were very creative in your punishment, but more importantly it has benefited me greatly. I say your punishments are wonderful because of this. First, they are so severe that the lesson is seared into my subconsciousness, which helps me avoid any repetitions of my error. But more importantly, your corrections always help me learn things about myself, which in turn makes me a better boy for you.

One of the lessons I have learned is that I am always to be thinking of you. I must be very aware of where you are and what you are doing, particularly if you might be online at the same time. I just read your email concerning online chat and I understand completely. I will always set my status to ‘available’ and if I see that you are online I will politely ask you if you are available to chat with me. I will also compose the message to lilly you requested regarding the advantages of chatting with you. I do not feel there are any disadvantages. The punishment and correction I received from you for not paying attention while online was completely justified and necessary. I inconvenienced you and failed to pay proper attention to you. Your punishment and correction did not harm me in any way. Quite the opposite – it actually benefited me and made me a better boy.

Another lesson I have learned, almost as a side effect, is how to avoid ogling the women who dress up for real men. During the three weeks of wearing your chastity sleeve all day I have learned to modify my behavior. I used to occasionally get erections while ogling these women, but with your chastity sleeve on that was not possible. Instead, I would feel my cock strain against the sleeve, which in turn reminded me of you. I would feel embarrassed that I was not being a good boy for you and feel badly. Then the next time I saw a women dressed up sexily I caught myself looking away without even thinking about it. This repeated and has now become my more common response. I feel much better about myself now and I must thank you for helping me this way.

I also learned that you are very generous and unpredictable. I can’t believe that you were so kind as to allow me to ejaculate for you during chat last week.

Finally, I have learned that you own me and my sexual function. I find myself unable to resist your commands and expectations. There could be no better Goddess for me than you.

Thank you for being my perfect Goddess. I am on my knees begging you to allow me to remain your faithful and obedient boy.

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