my extended chastity

It has been nearly a week since Ms Lee denied my request for permission to cum with this message:

boy, Ha.  Ha-ha-ha-hah!  Of course you may not cum.  If you ask again, I will extend your chastity period well beyond what you would deem comfortable..

–> Ms Lee

i don’t dare ask again becuase i don’t want to find out what my Goddess considers ‘well beyond comfortable’.  She has not even raised the topic since then and seems to be content with leaving me to adhere quietly to Her decision.

It is now 27 days since Ms Lee last allowed me to cum.  i have absolutely no idea how long She intends to extend my current chastity period, but i consider this an opportunity to demonstrate my devotion to Her.

i am so desperate for relief that it is almost painful. my balls are swollen from the built up pressure and my cock is constantly getting hard. Unfortunately for my cock, Ms Lee requires me to wear a very snug cock ring for several hours each morning. During this period my cock is ruthlessly prevented from achieving a full erection by the vicious bite of Her ring.

Of course my pigmale desire to cum is inconsequential. The only thing i desire is to be allowed to continue to be Ms Lee’s faithful boy. She is my Goddess and i belong to Her.

2 Responses to “my extended chastity”

  1. The Black Says:

    Could you post some pics of the cock ring, the suffering cock and
    of course of your Goddess.
    That would be super !! Thanks.

  2. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    Thank you for the comment, but i will have to decline to post the requested photos.

    i belong to my Goddess and my suffering is Hers to enjoy. She is the only one who will determine how i might be humiliated on my own blog.

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