Permission Denied!

It has been three weeks since Ms Lee last gave me permission to cum and i have been getting more desperate by the day.  The pressure is building up in my balls so badly that i am having constant erections at the most inconvenient times. Before i met Ms Lee i was a compulsive masturbator, sometimes jacking off multiple times in a single day. It is unbeleivably hard for me to go this long without cumming, but i am at the mercy of my Goddess.

i am not allowed to cum unless i ask permission. i have been reluctant to ask Ms Lee for permission these last few weeks because i know She expects me to demonstrate some self control. Finally i couldn’t resist my pigmale need to ejaculate any longer and yesterday i humbly asked Ms Lee for permission to cum. i was on pins and needles waiting for Her response, hopeful that my three weeks of abstinence would be deemed sufficient.

This morning i read Ms Lee’s response to my plea:

boy, Ha.  Ha-ha-ha-hah!  Of course you may not cum.  If you ask again, I will extend your chastity period well beyond what you would deem comfortable..

–> Ms Lee

i had to read this a few times to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me. Not only have i been denied permission to cum, but i’m not even allowed to ask again!

i do not know for sure why my Goddess has denied me permission to cum and She has given me no hints. i’m sure She has Her reasons and hopefully i will find out soon! Meanwhile, my first priority and concern is for Ms Lee’s pleasure. If it is her pleasure that my chastity period be extended, then i will oblidge without reservation and consider my chastity a gift to Her.

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