A most severe punishment from Ms Lee

Since i started this blog, i have been subjected to a very severe punishment by my Goddess. i earned this punishment by violating Her Rule that i am to wear my panties to work once per week, without exception. Believe it or not, i forgot to do so the very first week the Rule was in effect.

There was a reason for my oversight and i could have attempted to ask forgiveness based on that reason, but that didn’t matter. i knew better than to even try to make an excuse for my unforgivable infraction. Instead i did the only thing i could and i begged Ms Lee to provide me with a suitable punishment.

As usual, Ms Lee completely blind-sided me.  She always keeps me off balance and scrambling to keep up with Her. It turns out that Her punishment was to cut off contact with me. Conveniently for Her, she had just informed that She would be out of contact for a few days. Thus i didn’t realize that my punishment was in effect as the days dragged on without hearing from my Goddess.

i began to panic as Her absence approached a week. i was worried that something bad had happened to Her. Fortunately it finally occurred to check Her blog for activity. When i saw recent entries i was relieved to see that She was ok, but devastated because i also realized that meant She was intentionally ignoring me.

i was hurt and depressed as i tried to understand why She was doing this to me. It occurred to me that She might be punishing me for my infraction of the Panty Rule, but i didn’t understand why She wouldn’t inform me before cutting off contact. i realize now that the uncertainty was part of the punishment. i also realize that Ms Lee wanted me to figure that out on my own. She is constantly pushing me to think harder, to learn and to understand the reasons for things. This intellectual approach is one of the reasons why i Worship Her so much.

Ms Lee recently reestablished contact with me. i learned a lot from Her punishment. First and foremost, i have been trained to never overlook one of Her rules again. This punishment was very bad and i suffered dearly from Her unexplained absence. i am very dependent on Her, more than i understood before this. i also felt very bad because deep down i knew i had done something to hurt Her and i never want to do that again. i want Her to be proud of me as a good slave that is trying very hard to improve.

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