Wearing Ms Lee’s Ring

My Goddess requires me to wear Her ring a few hours each day.  As Her property, i obey Her unfailingly, so i have been wearing Her ring every day since She informed me of this expectation.

No problem you say? Well, it is when the ring in question goes around the base of my cock! Unfortunately for me, Her ring is smaller in diameter than my cock is when erect. i must wear it at the base of my cock and i hardly notice it when i am flacid. But as soon as i begin to get an erection, Her ring takes control. It begins to bite into my poor cock which actually begins to turn blue from the severe constriction if i don’t find a way to return to flacidity.

Wearing this ring every day has begun to change me. Although it allows me to achieve a full hard-on, i must pay a very painful price. This takes the fun out of erections and changes my attitude about them. Instead of being able to enjoy erections like a real man, Her ring bites me and reminds me that i am Her property.

i’m not sure if Ms Lee knew the effect that wearing Her ring would have on me, but She usually knows much more than i suspect. i am usually scrambling a few steps behind Her, trying to keep up with Her demanding pace and never knowing what devious twist She will come up with next. While i am still trying to satisfy Her previous demands and coming to understand all their implications, She is already planning my next demonstration of devotion.

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